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  • Learn how to play the single stroke roll, double stroke roll, double paradiddle, single paradiddle, and flam drum rudiments with detailed high definition video instruction!
  • Learn how to play the single stroke roll, double stroke roll, triple stroke roll, five stroke roll, six stroke roll, seven stroke roll, nine stroke roll, ten stroke roll, eleven stroke roll, thirteen stroke roll, fifteen stroke roll, seventeen stroke roll and the multiple bounce roll.
  • Learn all variations of paradiddles including your single paradiddle, double paradiddle, triple paradiddle, and single paradiddle-diddle.
  • Learn how to perform a drag ruff, single drag tap, double drag tap, single dragadiddle, dragadiddle #1, and dragadiddle #2.
  • Play ratamacues with ease including the single ratamacue, double ratamacue, and triple ratamacue.
  • Learn how to play a flam, flam tap, flam accent, flamacue, flam paradiddle, single flammed mill, flam paradiddle-diddle, inverted flam tap, and the flam drag.

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