Inverted Flam Tap - Drum Rudiment

The inverted flam tap is one of the 40 International Drum Rudiments since 1984. The Percussive Arts Society (P.A.S.) was responsible for its inclusion, after settling on the expansion of the 26 drum rudiments with orchestral, drum corps, European, and contemporary drum rudiments. The inverted flam tap is actually of Swiss descent. Its sticking pattern is exactly the same as one of the two official versions of a rudiment called Swiss tap flam.

Taking a look at the sheet music below, you can see that the inverted flam tap is basically an offset alternating double stroke roll where the second stroke is flammed. The double stroke roll starts on the "and" of every count. It's this combination of an offset double stroke roll where the second stroke is flammed that gives this drum rudiment the moniker "inverted". Make sure you learn how to play the flam and the double stroke roll before going through this free drum lesson.

Inverted Flam Tap

Using the same hand to go from the taps on the "ands" to primary strokes on the quarter notes is what makes the inverted flam tap a very challenging drum rudiment to get a lot of speed with.
Take your time when learning how to play the inverted flam tap on a single surface. Use a metronome and work on playing a consistent sounding inverted flam taps at slower tempos. Once you can play the inverted flam tap with confidence, you can start working on the following drum beats and drum fills.

Exercise #1 is an 8th note drum beat. The inverted flam tap is played between the hi-hat and the snare drum. Scattering the doubles between different surfaces makes this a hard pattern to play at higher tempos. Practice slowly at first. Strive for clean sounding strokes and make sure you're not struggling with the transitions. These are fundamental aspects that when respected will help you attain the control needed to play this drum beat at higher speeds with quality.

Inverted Flam Tap #1

Exercise #2 is an 8th note half-time drum beat. Getting the hand that plays the grace note on count 3 to move to the hi-hat in time to play the "and" of 3 is quite challenging, especially when played at faster tempos. Start slow and work your way up.

Inverted Flam Tap #2

Exercise #3 is an 8th note drum fill. Leading this pattern with your stronger hand will make it a lot easier to master. You're only required to learn how to play the first two counts of this drum fill since the pattern repeats itself after it.

Inverted Flam Tap #3

The last drum fill in this free drum lesson is a variation on exercise #3. The flams that were previously played on the snare drum are now executed on the hi-tom, while the taps on the hi-tom are played on the snare. The floor tom is played on the exact places as before.

Inverted Flam Tap #4

Once you're done with the inverted flam tap, move on to the free drum lessons on the pataflafla and the flam drag.